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Built for Efficient, High-Performance Developers

Save valuable time

Upgrade the development workflow and save precious time, days, or even weeks without going through thousands of lines of your boilerplate code!

Templates library

Get inspired by our templates from real word tested scenarios, such as E-Commerce Platforms, CRM, Tourism Platforms, etc.

Reduce development errors

Escape the anxiety of copy-paste errors and use with confidence our generated code that follows the best practices.

Try before you buy

No need to worry about unexpected charges! No credit card details are required when you sign up to take CodeTruck for a spin.

Control your code

Once you generate and download the source code, you can host it anywhere you like without any restrictions for paid subscriptions.

End To End Support

You can work in sync with front-end developers and view each other's progress. That means faster development time.

Get Started with Our Boilerplate Backend Generator

Create a new project.

Configure your database auth, SMTP settings, and LDAP config.

Add a table or customize one from your chosen template.

Configure the HTTP routes.

Export the generated code and use it in your project

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What Our Users Say


- Full Stack Developer

“CodeTruck offers solid boilerplate code and is the perfect backend kickstarter if you want to set something up quickly and experiment. Personally, I hate writing the CRUD part of APIs. With CodeTruck, I can get to work on the business logic and other crucial parts of the application much earlier in the development process. It also provides OpenAPI support which reduces the hassle of documentation.”


- Full Stack Developer

“CodeTruck helps me a lot as it makes it easier for me to run my workflow overall. It's time-saving, automatically generating the boilerplate code for me, so I can fast-forward to the development stage that really matters for my clients. Keep rocking, CodeTruck!”


Flexible Plans

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access to all features
non-commercial use only
unlimited number of free projects
1 month retention period for each project


€49/ Month

access to all features
commercial use for all projects
unlimited number of projects
retention period on the subscription period


€49/ Project

access to all features
commercial use for paid projects
unlimited number of free projects
unlimited retention period for paid projects


CodeTruck is a developer Boilerplate Backend Generator tool that helps you launch your project in a few minutes. Our tool generates fully functional and customizable Node.js projects based on your preferences or our templates.

Whether you choose a basic or a premium subscription, one CodeTruck account allows you to add an unlimited number of backend projects.

Yes, it does. CodeTruck offers a lifetime free of charge license for non-commercial (free) use. However, the retention period for each project is only 1 month for free users. That means you can only access each project in CodeTruck during this one-month period.

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