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Handle Tight Deadlines Like a Pro

Nothing hurts developers' productivity more than tight deadlines and complete rewrites of backend code. Have your code all set up and prepared whenever you start a new project with CodeTruck! Our tool helps you simplify days or weeks of writing code, so you can bring your product to life quicker.

CodeTruck is an easy-to-use Boilerplate Backend Generator, allowing you to create backend projects for different prototypes and experiments, mockups, beta versions, demos, or apps. Remove rework, and completing a project won't feel like an impossible mission. You'll get it done in no time!

Every time you need to develop large amounts of repetitive code, rely on CodeTruck to smooth the way for you. Configure your own structure or use one of our over 15 templates.

What's in it for You

Save valuable time

When every minute counts, you need a foolproof Boilerplate Backend Generator to quickly create or optimize web or mobile applications. CodeTruck helps you save time and generates your boilerplate code in a few hours.

Control your code from top to bottom

CodeTruck doesn't keep you hooked! Enjoy complete freedom to choose your preferred tools for each stage of the development process. Once you export and download the source code, you can host it anywhere you like. No need to worry about vendor lock-in!

Reduce development errors

The more times you write the same script, the more chances you have to make errors, and you end up in the vicious cycle of rework. Our Boilerplate Backend Generator allows you to assemble the foundation of your application and avoid code churn. Leverage your projects and focus on the business logic of your application!

Your projects are in safe hands

CodeTruck doesn't store your backend code on our servers. On our end, that means we automatically delete your generated code from our servers once you export it. Your code isn't exposed to intellectual property theft.

Try before you buy

We want you to make sure you make the right choice, so you can check our tool from end to end. No need to worry about unexpected charges! No credit card details are required when you sign up to take CodeTruck for a spin. You pay only if you choose a premium subscription. Our trial is 100% free! No tricks.

Support for split-stack development

CodeTruck gives you the option to export your API documentation for front-end developers via the Postman library. You can work in sync with front-end developers and view each other's progress. That means easy builds of automated tests and faster development time.

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